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Restaurant / Starbucks/ Amazon/ Costco

Best Video Editor & Best Creative Dish

KitchenAid Mixer

Most Popular Dish

Le Creuset


Submit Your Cooking Video on google drive, Dropbox or Baidu Cloud,

send the video link to email:

After Approval, You will get $20 gift card:amazon,costco,starbucks,Funding Farmer, time limitation of video is 3-15 mins.

We will upload your video on our official YouTube Channel: iTalkBB TV.

3.20 Start to Submit
3.20-4.30 We will upload approved videos on our official YouTube Channel: iTalkBB TV
4.30 EST 11:59 PM end
4.30-5.20 Vote Best Video Editor and Best Creative Dish in WeChat
5.20 EST 11:59 PM end end
5.21 Announce Awards on iTalkBB TV Official on iTalkBB TV Official YouTube Channel
Common Q&A:
Q.Is there any time limitation of video?
Yes, about 3-15 mins.
Q.What is the approval requirement?
·make video clear to watch
·must be original content
·no illegal content in your video
Q.What‘s the suggestion for making great videos?
We will create a tutorial video on our YouTube Channel, so don't forget to check on iTalkBB TV Official YouTube Channel and enjoy!
Q.How to submit my video?
You can upload your video on google drive, Dropbox or Baidu Cloud, and sent the link to email:
Q.If I have any other question, how can I do?
You can sent your questions to email:, we will give you feedback in 48 Hours.
Q.How can I know I am the winner?
We will create a video to describe the detail of the prize and winners. Please watch our video on iTalkBB TV Official YouTube Channel on 5.21.
Q.How can I get the prize?
We will contact you at email: and you may provide your information to get your prize.
1.Our competition starts from EST 11:59 pm on 03/20/2019 to EST 11:59 pm on 04/20/2019. Time may subject to change, and iTalkBB TV reserves the right of final interpretation of the event. 2.All the approved candidates should sign the related copyright agreements in order to qualify. 3.Any illegal or rude activities appeared in videos will result in disqualification and lose the chance to continue the competition. Standards of qualification are decided by iTalkBB TV. 4.You should only upload content (including music, videos and artwork) that you've created or that you're authorised to use; otherwise, this could result in a copyright violation. 5.Make sure to create original work, and not use any copyrighted work below.
Which types of work are subject to copyright?
1.Audiovisual works, such as TV shows, movies, and online videos 2.Sound recordings and musical compositions 3.Written works, such as lectures, articles, books, and musical compositions 4.Visual works, such as paintings, posters, and advertisements 5.Video games and computer software 6.Dramatic works, such as plays and musicals
6.We recommend candidates to use their original content or no-copyright-issue works in the videos. 7.We hope candidates understand that if there is any unexpected copyright issue appeared in your video, we will remove your video from our Channel and results in immediate disqualification. 8.All the copyright issues are at candidates own risks. 9.Product appearance depends on goods. 10.If candidates have any question, please contact us through email: